Sunday, July 5, 2015

Improve IIS Performance by effective ways


In this post I will try to explain the IIS configuration performance tuning and settings. My previous post Difference between throw and throw ex in Asp.Net C# exceptions.


Internet Information System simply called as IIS which is used host our application. While hosting an Application we need to concentrate on performance and concurrent users hits. Basic things we need to see, While user enter some invalid page IIS will automatically show 404 error page instead of we should provide some meaningful message with custom errors. We have developed our project in 32 bit and server may have 64 bit by default, so we have an option "Enable 32 bit Application" in Advanced settings kindly mark as true.

Shortcut to open IIS using run command just type inetmgr

While hosting the Application avoid .pdb files in published folder.While publish the application use release mode instead of giving debug mode.Use encrypted password in web.config connection string settings. Create individual Application Pool for every websites, because we can avoid Out of memory exception due to wpw3.exe cache size increases.This will improve the performance of the site.

Large SQL query execution avoid connection timeout by increasing the execution time out in web.config file
<httpRuntime executionTimeout="3600" />

We are able to show temporary shutdown message by simply adding app_offline.html(we can use any image or text in this file) in published folder. Note this will work only on .aspx pages if we may have .html page it will show the orginal page. Best way to restart the IIS, go to run command and type IISRESET this will immediately close and restart the application and release the temporary memory. But carefully do this because if you are having multiple application in IIS means it will stop/start all the Application pool including default Application Pool.

Configure HTTP Response Header expiration. This option will helps us to minimize the number of hits to IIS by viewers. HTTP Response header expires the client browser page cache and its contents such as images,JavaScript, CSS etc. In IIS double click HTTP response headers, and then select "set common HTTP Response headers". Then click "Expire web content" and select immediately option.

We can disable the ASP debugging for server and client in IIS. While running Application in Live server, we do not need to use the ASP debugging mode in IIS. Application will be very fast by disabling this mode in IIS. To disable debugging, Go to Advanced settings select the "compilation" and then click on "debugging properties" and set false for Server side debugging and Client side debugging

Enabling the output caching in IIS will keep a copies of the user requested pages. If the same page has been requested by a different user, IIS will send the copies from cache by without reproducing the same page.

In this post i tried to explain the IIS configuration performance tuning and settings. My previous post Difference between throw and throw ex in Asp.Net C# exceptions.


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